ALIN have strong working links with the Education and Training Foundation delivering projects on their behalf.

Study Programmes 17/18

improving work placement and learner progress in study programmes.

The ALIN team have been commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation to deliver a new project to improve the development and delivery of work placements programmes, that promote the importance of improving maths and English Skills.

Working on the strong foundation and innovated delivery package of support and resources from previous projects the ALIN team will be providing support to a number of providers

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Developing and delivering continuous Professional Development (CDP) that supports improved learner Progress.

Supporting Creative Education in the delivery of this project in the development and creation of resources for providers and learners.

Managing Study Programme to Provide meaningful work experience that maximises Maths and English Skills.

Young people are the future of our economy and society and equipping them with the essential and relevant skills to be able to contribute fully in their lives and workplace is the key function of education and training provision. Not all learners have sufficiently high levels of personal motivation and/or a range of employability skills to enter the world of work, learn fast and contribute and impact positively to the requirements of their organisation. This is often compounded by a significant number of learners whose maths and English skills are not yet at an externally accredited standard or of a functional level that allows them to cope with life or workplace demands.

In response to demand from the further education and skills sector and significant issues identified by Ofsted through inspections over the previous twelve months, the Education and Training Foundation identified that specific issues linked to the management and delivery of study programmes required further support and development.

The ALIN team developed an innovative and bespoke wrap around project delivered on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation allowing flexibility of support to providers delivering Study Programmes. Working to increase the value of work experience within programme and deliver high quality opportunities for maths and English development.

A series of innovative resources for example exploring routes technical flyers have been developed

Work Experience Readiness

All 16-19 year olds in full time education and training whose programme is in receipt of government funding must follow a ‘Study Programme’. These programmes, both vocational and academic require in addition to the main programme to take English, mathematics and a period of work experience. Study Programmes are planned to support learners make the progression from education to sustainable employment.

To meet the full requirements of a Study Programme requires significant planning for delivery on behalf of training providers. To enhance these programmes and improve the learners overall experience ensuring maths and English is at the forefront of the work experience, the ALIN team have created a bank of resources and a wrap around support package for providers delivering Study Programmes.

Management Programmes

Supporting the continued development of the managers in leaders within the sector. The 7 key principles are packaged as a range of blended learning resources and bite size ‘nuggets of wisdom’ and good practice. Supported by on-line resources, webinars, and opportunities for collaborative activities and sharing

Offender Learning

Work Experience 15/16 Study Programmes 16/17

This project, commissioned and funded by The Education and Training Foundation as part of their Excellence in Leadership and Management programme’ to assist in the development of Managers with responsibility for Learning, Skills and Employment working in the Prison Service or equivalent within privately run prisons.

The Adult Learning Improvement Network (ALIN) team have a wealth of knowledge and experience of this area of work. The ALIN team recognise the commitment, passion and drive of the Managers and staff who work in this sector, impacting on people’s lives and creating a step change to reducing reoffending.


A resources e-book has been created as part of this project which is available on the Foundations Excellence Gateway visit or to access the e-book and resources click below