The Adult Learning Improvement Network has extensive knowledge and experience within offender learning covering prisons and probationary service work. 

Providing curriculum planning advice and support for a full range of education, training, employability skills and personal development courses. ALIN contracts both with the Prison Service and OLASS contract providers depending on the type of support required.

An acknowledged authority invited to present and raise awareness of key issues at regional and national conferences.

Specialising in both male (juvenile and adult) and female centred curriculum offers.  ALIN pride themselves on recognising the differences in the approach to meet the differing needs of both males and females.

Our team of specialist consultants, with many years of inspection experience, can help you prepare an approach to inspection referencing:

 Revised Prison Service Expectations 

Ofsted Common Inspection Framework.

Working closely with the Prison Service, the Education Provider and the Probationary Service our specialists will help to guide and support you to be able to

improve learner outcomes 

improve the quality teaching

learning and assessment

effectively lead your organisation to a successful inspection outcome.

ALIN have also been involved in an project funded by the Education and Training Foundation

supporting leaders, managers, teachers and tutors in the Offender Learning Sector