The Adult Learning Improvement Network provides up-to-date bespoke consultancy support to education and training organisations to help them identify and overcome barriers to achieving high levels of performance. 

The team of specialist and highly qualified experienced consultants, specialist coaches and both current and former inspectors working alongside Kerry Boffey, have expertise across all subject areas in all training contexts and are able to cover all sector areas and subjects in all contexts both within the UK and abroad.

Inspection services:

ALIN is committed to raising the quality of training and achievement through highly focussed inspection, review and auditing services. Working with the common inspection framework we are able to provide accurate judgments from which to plan improvements and prepare for an external inspection. 

Prepare for a range of inspections

Within the team we are skilled and experienced across all adult education including FE Colleges and Workbased Learning Providers. Providing specialist and bespoke training, development and consultancy support within Offender Education, Learning and Skills for both OLASS and non OLASS contracts.


Effective, comprehensive and accurate self-evaluation and self-regulation are essential for any high performing education and training provider. The Adult Learning Improvement Network (ALIN) is able to provide highly effective and focused support to enable providers to accurately self-evaluate and assess their provision and identify and improve key areas that require further development.

With a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge, ALIN is able to provide bespoke solutions for your individual organisation through:

  • On site consultancy
  •  Training and development events 
  • Remote evaluation and critical analysis
  • On Site Quality Reviews

Through specific training and development, ALIN and have successfully supported training providers in significantly strengthening their self-regulation capacity. This has been through not only developing the skills of managers and staff and strengthening self-assessment arrangements, but also by working in partnership with the provider to train and develop effective internal inspection teams to enable them to accurately carry out their own self-evaluation and self-improvement.

ALIN will help and support you in transforming your organisation in becoming a high performing training provider.