The Adult Learning Improvement Network provides up-to-date bespoke consultancy support to education and training organisations to help them identify and overcome barriers to achieving high levels of performance. 

The team of specialist and highly qualified experienced consultants, specialist coaches and both current and former inspectors working alongside Kerry Boffey, have expertise across all subject areas in all training contexts and are able to cover all sector areas and subjects in all contexts both within the UK and abroad.

“We have complete confidence in Kerry and her team to provide excellent advice and guidance as they have a detailed understanding and insight of the further education and skills training sector. ALIN have demonstrated excellent knowledge and understanding of quality improvement, assessment and inspection over the years. Furthermore Kerry and her team respect how we work as a business and have always worked within the boundaries of confidentiality.”

Babington Group  


Kerry played a significant role in the success of our OFSTED inspection and subsequent grade. Kerry spent time understanding our organisation and our people and developed training packages to support our needs, these were innovative, challenging and fun and feedback from the teams was excellent. Kerry also supported the senior management team to really look and identify areas in which we could improve the “impact ” our processes had on our learners and consult with them to enhance delivery. Kerry helped develop our SAR and QIP and acted as a critical friend. Her support at all times has been invaluable.”

Remit Training

‘Kerry came highly recommended to me by a trusted friend. I found her support, innovative but challenging approach and style to be exactly what our business needed in order to be ready for inspection. Kerry is great to work with, intensely supporting but challenging my team and putting them through their paces.  Kerry made us all really think differently in our approach to inspection….

What does the learner get?    So what ?!   Prove it ………

 These were a couple of the verbal challenges that resonated with both me and my team, the team still talk about this now and indeed challenge each other in the same way. Kerry helped us all to think very differently through the eyes of an inspector and how/what they would be looking for by way of evidence during inspection. I would highly recommend Kerry’s work to any provider or college looking to sense check or indeed prepare for inspection, and have done so already on a few occasions.’  

Qube Learning